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Founded in 1978, Sunrise Homes builds custom homes, renovates existing homes and constructs home additions with you as a partner. During every step of the process, you -- the homeowner -- are as involved as you want to be. You’re in the know and in control. Sunrise Home customers usually rave about the frequent communication and full partnership they receive with Mike Delissio and Sunrise Homes.

Sunrise Homes executes your vision. The company’s goal is to exceed your expectations. You receive peace of mind before, during and after construction.

Listening to Your Needs
“Our philosophy is simple. For the home, we focus on good design, quality materials, fine craftsmanship, energy efficiency and lasting value. For the homeowner, we focus on listening to your needs; always being available; and saving you money without reducing quality.” -- Mike Delissio, owner, Sunrise Homes, Corp.

Sunrise Homes Builds Green
Sunrise Homes builds environmentally friendly homes that save you money on utility bills. The company’s high energy propane furnaces have a 92-96% efficiency rating. We build many homes with exterior walls that have R-values ranging from R-21.5 to R-27. That means the walls have much greater insulation ability than typical new construction of R-21 or less. In the summer, the heat stays out. In the winter, the heat says in. In every season, you save money. Sunrise Homes goes above and beyond what’s required by code to build sustainable designs that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and taste and that have low environmental impact.

Connecticut Registrations:

  • New Home Contractor: 0070
  • Home Improvement Contractor: 500139

Our Memberships

  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Home Builders Association of Hartford County
  • Connecticut Better Business Bureau - member since October 1988
“A Superb Job”
“Thank you for a superb job. We are very happy with the workmanship, design and execution of this plan. We would be happy to serve as an enthusiastic reference for future clients.”  -- Ray and Diane of Old Lyme



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