Our Process

The Partner Plan

The Partner Plan is a unique method of custom home design and building that allows the homeowners to save the expense normally taken by the middleman.

We meet with you to plan and build your own home, estimate costs and contract directly with you for the exterior shell of the home. What is a shell? The shell includes framing, roofing, exterior doors, windows, siding sub-floors, interior stud partitions and garage doors. We will obtain qualified contractors for all the other portions of your home such as foundation, plumbing, heating, cabinets, etc. The difference is, we do not profit from the work of the other contractors.

The contractors will work directly for you. You may choose to use the contractors we recommend, seek others or elect to do some work yourself. There is no obligation to us beyond the shell of your home, but we will continue to help you throughout your project. We provide assistance with lot location, financing, insurance, permits, scheduling, product selection, and contractor selection. We guide you through the whole process-- you are never on your own! We are always there to assist you. We provide each customer with a Homeowners Manual that details the whole process and provides forms and schedules which you will need. We are never more than a telephone call away.

You will purchase all the goods needed to complete your home directly from our suppliers at builder cost. You have the final say on who will work on your home and what materials will be installed. Our completion help is at no extra cost to you. It is just part of the Sunrise service.
The Sunrise Homes Partner Plan produces savings that average 10-15% on your total project cost. The Partner Plan starts with Sunrise Homes listening to your goals. We then tell you what the costs will be. If those costs are beyond your budget, we work with you to find ways to maintain quality while meeting your budget. Our initial consultation process – in our office or at your home – is free.

The Partner Plan saves you money in several ways. Some savings come from you doing interior work you’re comfortable doing. Some of our customers enjoy painting. Others like to install trim, lay tile or do other tasks that cut costs and put their skills to good use. 

Q: I have no building experience. Can I still use the Partner Program?
A: Yes. Very few of our customers have home building experience. You don't have to do any work yourself to save. Any work you do on your own will only save you more.

Q: I don't have the time to devote to the project. Can I still take advantage of the Partner Program?
A: Yes. We also offer a construction management service. For a fixed fee, we will handle all the daily tasks of the project while you still get the savings from direct purchasing.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Completion time varies for each project and depends upon the season, contractor availability and project complexity. You should normally allow 6 to 9 months for construction time.

Q: Will Sunrise build the complete house?
A: Yes. We can become the contractor for your new home and complete everything for you.


“Helping you do it yourself”
“I'm pretty handy and had plans on being actively involved in the addition, including doing some of the work myself.  This is what attracted us to Sunrise Homes.  I was thrilled with the way it worked out.  I think most people have heard the horror stories of working with builders, shoddy work, difficult to get a hold of, over budget, and so on.  Not a single one of these describe Sunrise Homes.  Sunrise was engaged with us every step of the way.” - Bill & Shea Mitlehner, Glastonbury